(though not necessarily in that order)

(though not necessarily in that order)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Y'see, it isn't difficult

Just received a text message. A fairly unusual occurrence for me.

Was from my old support worker. The one I stopped seeing about a year ago as I was transferred to the placement year idiot.

I understand you have exams this week. Just texting to wish you good luck and I am sure you will do well. [Her name] [The name of the team in case I didn't know]

It might be a simple gesture, obviously I was mentioned in the office and she decided to sent a text message. My CPN is away this week, so goodness only knows why she even knew. Anyway, even with the word "texting" which isn't actually a word, I still feel touched. It isn't difficult to send a text message, but it is a step that isn't usually taken by the team.

I'm as prepared as I can be. Done all the past papers I could get hold of, revision exercises, re-reading tutorial notes. I'm ready. My great dislike for revision which has slightly stifled me in the past turns out to be unfounded. I've made a revision timetable of sorts, stuck to it and discovered it isn't difficult to get to 28 hours before the first exam and feel prepared.

It isn't difficult to put one foot in front of the other and just walk. Well, except when my joints are playing up, but still the concept holds. I'm trying to "just live" rather than thinking a bit too much and ending up thinking the world will implode as I'm this crazed loon. OK, yeah, I did end up forgetting to eat until quite late last night as I got distracted by some fun maths (yes, kids, it does exist...), I still haven't quite got the balance between sleep and awake times sorted, I haven't got a tidy room. However, the day to day "sleep, get up, work, eat enough but not too much, piano, drink, sleep" routine is getting perfected.

Y'see, I'm coming to the conclusion lots of stuff isn't too difficult to do. Things I do, things I'm involved in, things I plan to do, it isn't too difficult. Yeah, there'll be hurdles, but occasionally someone unexpected sends you a kind thought, a text message, a smile and the hurdle will be overcome.

Talking of hurdles, I had great difficulty not jumping into a 5ft high pile of sand that was outside the cottage next to church this morning. However, the builders wouldn't have really appreciated a red-head-wearing-a-green-coat-and-stripy-tights dive-bombing into said pile of sand, so I resisted. Just. I hope they have used it all up by the next time I go into church, otherwise they may have such a situation on their hands...

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