(though not necessarily in that order)

(though not necessarily in that order)

Stuff about me, if you need to know...

I am a mathematics student by day, a musician by profession and a little bit mental all the time. Now out of mental health services (hurrah!), but not entirely sane.

I probably talk too much, I certainly drink too much and weigh too much.
Struggling with my hypermobility and the pain issues associated with that, but it is a case of waiting and seeing what the future holds.

Owner of lots of stripy socks, proud of my frizzy auburn hair. Errmmm, bright clothes, mad maths teacher, when conducting I sometimes look like a dyspraxic having a fight with some invisible teddy bear...

One day I shall say something profound, hopefully will have some profound words to utter by the time I grow up... Until then (some time far in the future, based on the current experiences) I shall continue saying silly things and nothing too profound.

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