(though not necessarily in that order)

(though not necessarily in that order)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

My records have gone to Rio...

Okay, okay, they've not actually gone to a huge city in Brazil, more are on a RiO administration system. Call it artistic license to make it sound like they've gone off on an NHS-funded cruise...

Anyhoo. Seems in my blog post of my last CPA paperwork I wasn't fully RiO-ed, but instead on some absolutely crap interim thing.
Today, I got my first RiO based Care Plan Review document. No tick boxes about if I've died, you'll all be relieved to read. However....

[I'm always moaning, I'll always have more to say. If you don't realise that now, then... err... realise it.]

Firstly, grey backgrounds on boxes when printed out isn't ideal. Not a big thing, and probably a case of PICNIC.

Apparently a copy was distributed to me, my carer (Mum) [She hasn't got/won't get a copy, but the document says she has] and GP, CPN etc and to "RMO" - not quite sure who/what this is. Records Management Office, Registered Medical Officer, Risk Management Office, Risqué Mentals Organisation, Really Mental Ormaybenot? or many Ruddy Muddy Obvious sensible suggestions I've missed. They've got a copy, which is nice for them...

I do actually have a contingency plan this time - hoorah! "Hannah and [Mum] are to maintain telephone contact with the team." Okily doke, glad it isn't just blank.
List of persons present at review (people, surely?) doesn't include the window cleaner sadly. Poor bloke, and he added so much to the highly enthralling meeting...

My CPN is wonderful at putting words into my mouth. I think the "she does X on a weekly basis" comment she wrote makes it sound like I've got a weekly time I do this thing they frown upon. "Ooo, it is 2.30 on Tuesday afternoon, let's go." isn't quite how hurting myself is, to be honest.

Anyway, back to being sensible. There is a bit which is a table with "Problem, Intervention/Actions and Frequency, Anticipated Outcome and Clients View, Main Person Responsible, and Planned/Actual Start Date, Actual End Date" headings. All fairly sensible.
Except, some things don't exactly fit into boxes. So here you have my problem: (apologies for the editing, using Paint/HTML aren't my strongest points)

Apparently studying and working is a problem. Errr. Hmm. And I'm not convinced the timings bit is quite worth it either for most things which are on-going (as are all the things in my bit). Though I'd like to know how I manage to time travel back to April 28th 2010 to end the "problem". I have just looked in my diary, I did a funeral that day, I'd rather not do it again.

Other than that stuff, the appointment consisted a quick dismissing of my attempts to suggest actually getting out of bed was sometimes really rather tricky, let alone motivating myself to leave the house and do exciting stuff. She thought I looked really well, and thinks I'm in a 'virtuous cycle' (opposite of vicious, apparently) with my life. She thinks everything is fantabulous as she didn't let me get out the words to even say it was anything to the contrary. Talking about logic in philosophy also was discussed, concerts too, and my next appointment has been booked in for the week with Christmas day at the end of it. When I shall be rather tired and racing towards the last leg of the "get to midday on Sunday 26th December then sleep" plan.
GP versus me part "Second trip" is happening in 13.5 hours time, in case you are interested. Where I shall announce that my hands still hurt, and I managed only a week on the prescribed 28 day course of painkillers as they made me too sleepy to function.

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  1. Okay, I too am baffled as to how doing a maths degree and being an organist is a problem! I hope you get the time travel thing figured out...

    Res x