(though not necessarily in that order)

(though not necessarily in that order)

Monday, 23 August 2010

Proof of a crap system

So, today I saw my CPN. Didn't say anything to hint about going slightly wonky brained again, she doesn't need to worry - it wouldn't have helped.

However, I got the care plan from my Care Plan meeting in June. How nice to get it so promptly in mid-August. *sarcasm*
The "anticipated outcome" for one of my "problems/need/strengths" is "to be successful through her job". Next column is "Main person responsible" and has my name in the box. No pressure there then, good to know I'm nicely supported with this.

The "Contingency Plan" box is empty. Bodes well, doesn't it?

In the "Review Notes" section it says "I am pleased with my progress, though did find work with the Unsupportive Support Worker quite stressful on occasions. However I did not give up and achieved much progress". (Edited to be in first person, and with the right names in) Gah. The "we can't be mean about someone who we hired, though we admitted in person she wasn't great" stuff.

The last page is a stonker of a crap document though. Find below a scanned in section of it. The little boxes are tick boxes on this document:

Now, I don't know if you can see from this (click on the picture for a bigger version of it) but a document supposedly meant to be given to all service users after a CPA has a tick box to say whether they have died. Just above that, there is a tick box to say that one of the "review outcomes" is "Client died (notify back office staff)"
Correct me if I'm wrong, but *surely* that isn't very positive and suitable for people to be given?
I'm one of the first people with the team to be using this document as I'm a fairly simple case at the moment. I was a guinea pig for this CPA system - all people in my area will be using it at their next CPA.

It is crap. I can't believe it. I agree they need a form for when someone has died, but it shouldn't be this form. Not when just tick boxes.

NHS Electronic Patient Record stuff, you have done stunningly badly here. You really have. You bunch of non-thinking twonkers. Please think next time you create a template to be used for something. Having a tick box on a form given out to people who are in mental health services saying they have died isn't great. I just hope with all my heart that no tired care co-ordinator filling in this form ticks the box by mistake before giving it to the client.

My brother's take on it was that I should have stabbed myself to death with the pen she should have given me to sign this document so she could fill it out differently now. However, she said "Oh, I'll just say you've signed it in my notes as you haven't got your glasses on so can't read it. I'm sure it is fine."

No wonder I didn't tell her my head is getting worryingly loud, when this is what it is like. And there is no chocolate in the house. I've searched and we have nothing sweet in. *despairs*


  1. Oh dear lord!
    I'd be so tempted to tick the "patient has died" box and send it back to them!

  2. I think they may get more on my back if I did that! It is just completely stupid.

    Brother has obviously been pondering on it since earlier and just said "What's the point in ticking a box to say they are dead then getting them to sign it?" (good point)
    Underneath the client signature box there is a "If no client signature obtained, please state the reason why:" box. So, for a dead patient it is presumably just written crassly "Dead" there?!


  3. That is awful but also slightly funny in a sick fashion. I would definately be ticking the box and putting some ectoplasm (egg white I dunno) in the signature sheet. But then I'm sick.

  4. Can I comment? Can I comment? Aw PLEASE Mom, can I? (she says feverishly, panting like an enthusiastic puppy, like in Disney Films). With the risk of being rather ripe, OMFG - I can't believe they let you have this. Proves my point that they are the mad ones... I'm gonna point a link to your post on my blog... I'd love to know if anyone else has any similar evidence of insensitive crap like this form. Poor you though - I've discovered hot muesli with chocolate in it as a trade off. Better than being driven more bonkers by twats like these...