(though not necessarily in that order)

(though not necessarily in that order)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Music, grinning music

Music is great. Now, you all knew I would say that, didn't you?

Anyway, I've just got back from a lunchtime recital. By an organist younger than me, and far more talented than me - he is about to go off to a Cathedral Organ Scholarship, and has a place to be an Oxbridge organ scholar the year after.

It was phenomenal. Amazing. The kind of music where I'm glad I alive just to savour every last second. It wasn't subtle in the most part, but with the organ he was playing on, subtle would be a waste.
It started with some Bach, impressively executed. Then we got a little snippet of subtlety with Whitlock. Then Vierne. Vierne is just fabulous (and died sitting at the organ, which I reckon would be a good way to go). In the Final of his Première Symphonie I just couldn't help but grin. It is a wondrous piece of music which just sounds great when sitting in between the organist and the organ pipes as I was today, sitting in the choir stalls.
THEN, he played some Eric Coates that he had adapted from the orchestral versions - as far as very silly things to end concerts, a fiendish arrangement of the Dambusters March probably tops it. And that is coming from someone who once heard an improvisation on "Old MacDonald had a farm" to finish a programme. As I said before, completely un-subtle, but brill.

I'm still grinning now, after a dreary brisk walk to the bus station to find my bus was running 10 minutes late, a stuffy bus journey and a walk from the bus stop in which some truck driver splashed me as I walked along the pavement next to the busy road. Music has put a smile on my face. Even when I have soggy socks.

Not much more in life can give this level of excitement. Maths keeps me grounded, keeps me going, keeps me in awe of the world, the more of it I learn about the more I love it. Music gives me the excitement. The amazing grin, the all-over-shivers, the "eeeee".

I may be a mathematician. But music will never stop being part of my enjoyment of life. So now I shall do a few hours of maths, before going to play the piano for a few hours.

Life is all about the balance. My balance is so squiffy I end up falling over (literally and in life) but right now, the balance is right. I may be in a wobble at the moment with regards to life, the universe and existence (or purpose thereof) but I think I've found my place in the world. Though I wish cathedral choir stalls were less uncomfortable. *has an aching back* ;)

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