(though not necessarily in that order)

(though not necessarily in that order)

Monday, 11 January 2010

Music *is* silent

I've had music on for a while. I'm not functioning very well today, so I have it quite loud - been told that I should turn it down.

I'm not taking it in though. According to the screen, it is an album of piano music. It says I'm on "5 of 28" which means I have been through this album, and another (so 28 pieces), and through the first 5 tracks again (all the same musician). My head claims to have never heard this. Not only did I apparently listen to this piece about 90 minutes ago, I have played the album lots before today too. The title on the screen is the same as a piece I heard being performed by this musician a few years ago. Which suggests it is a track I have heard it not only through headphones, but also being performed.

Effectively, this is what silence is. Not hearing anything. Well, not taking in the music I've got forced into my head by headphones. It feels rubbish.

My ears are not working with my head. My head is not working with my ears. qewuoiprdsfjk.,q3woripeu;adsfjkt9dsjoka3wa;eroiulsdftyidsjk34;0serilbjtgwfdji;sk

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