(though not necessarily in that order)

(though not necessarily in that order)

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

More lighthearted stuff!

Just to balance out all that negativity!

On Saturday, I got a piece of mail, which seemed to be from the hospital where I was for a few months last year. I wondered why they were sending me post, maybe it was a "how are you doing a year later" letter?! It was actually from my psychiatrist, and was an assessment form that I had been asked to fill out, to send to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, for their Quality Control panel to create a report to send to my psych. Anyway, my psych is on maternity leave, so quite why she wanted to know what my thoughts were, I don't know! She picked me, probably because I'm quite polite, and I am in a better place than I was, so wasn't going to be all doom and gloom.
One of the questions was "Is she warm, caring, and genuine?"... my literal mind wanted to write "I don't know, never touched her to find out whether she has cold hands or not"! But I know that isn't the meaning of warm they meant. I was running my answers by my parents, who both said "I don't know if she is warm, never felt her hands" - it is nice to know though I'm the one with the label, they both have literal minds too!
I hope everyone else writes nice things, as she is a kind psych, and is much nicer than the normal community mental health psychs (who give me enough of an incentive to get better before I become their patient again! I'm not going to ever get on with them, due to their views on everything from medication to hospitalisation to labels to everything [including what I wear])
Anyway, I felt very important posting an envelope to the RCP, as it isn't my average letters!

Two nights ago, I was convinced I was seeing glowing things in the corners of my eyes as I went upstairs. Turns out it was the reflection in the sides of my glasses, from the moon through a window which didn't have the curtains shut. I took off my glasses, turned off the light, and lay down. Looked up, and saw a weird glowing shape, and couldn't work out what it was. Turned on the light, it was a mini glow-in-the-dark rubber duck that had found its way into my stationery box! I really need to take more details about stuff, instead of presuming I'm seeing weird things again!

I've been given chocolates by students in the last week. My family have eaten them all, and quite like the idea of "maths chocolates", but I keep finding wrappers everywhere! I prefer the "music wine" I got, which I hope could be a recurring theme! I've had quite a lot of "thank you" gifts/payments, from various sources, for my teaching/playing. All monetary gifts are documented in my accounts (I'm not your average 19 year old, I have to keep accounts of my income in case I need to explain my earnings to anyone) which will look healthy for December.

I need to work out how to get my stage piano down to church on Thursday, which is going to be interesting - I fear my brother will suggest some contraption with skateboard wheels and us pushing it, which might end up with a big piano/car crash. I will have to work out a more sensible method for piano moving. *ponders*

A disturbing realisation today was that I don't have much Chopin in my recorded music collection, something which will have to be rectified ASAP. I have quite a lot of Chopin sheet music, dating from 80 years ago to the present day, they are just lovely books, with lovely music. I'm going to perform some of it next month, which will be my first "piano performance" in a long time. I better get practising soon! After the 25th, I reckon!

And now my Dad is on the phone, and is drunk. Parents these days, eh!?

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