(though not necessarily in that order)

(though not necessarily in that order)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Today's reflection on today

This started off as a twitlonger thing, but I've decided it is probably a bit too long. So here it is:

Best amusing moment of today: seeing a toddler (not just any toddler, but the toddler belonging to crisis team woman who got me discharged from a psych ward and readmitted in one shift when I was at uni [I think this shows utter ingenuity and/or impressive stupidity on my part!]) try and put up an umbrella in the door way to their house. The look on her face as she got stuck was just hilarious, and I very much liked her funky Wellington boots/coat combo...

Most petrifying point of today: I lost page 9 of the soloist's music, and she did a huge pause between variations as we both tried to find the page in the midst of lots of other lose sheets. (She apologised afterwards as it shouldn't have all been lose sheets but a proper book. We got to the end though!)

Worst point: being told I look really confident and well when I actually wanted just to hide and go into this kind old woman's house and weep in the front hall.

Embarrassing point: forgetting my name in the bank. I ended up getting out my passport which I had with me for ID for the bank stuff and reading it from that. (That is not ingenious at all, just very stupid)

Aha! moment: leading my sister to form her own conclusions about some poems she was analysing. A light bulb moment happened for her, so she is now ready to face the exams tomorrow.

Best point of today: doing it. All of it. I've coped. I am living. Fooking 'ell, 'tis scary.

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