(though not necessarily in that order)

(though not necessarily in that order)

Monday, 27 September 2010

Plans are made to be stuck to

Plans are made to be stuck to.

The plan for the next 2.5 weeks is set out. 3-hour long slots for all the remaining past papers I could get my hands on have been put in. The final tutorial is taking up most of Saturday. Rehearsals for the two concerts I have in the next 9 days are in, and then obviously concerts too. The teaching I'm doing is in, and the cover teaching I'm doing too. The 4 concerts I'm going to as an audience member are in and transport is vaguely sorted. 2 mentor appointments and a CPN appointment are planned.
The plan is manageable, and it is going to be stuck to.

I have 4 Proper Lie-ins planned and 5 Mini Lie-ins planned. I've got 5 evenings when I'm in, the rest I'm out. Those evenings are for time to sit and play the piano gently, or watch the Internet hurry about in its normal fashion and just relax.
The plan is manageable, and it is going to be stuck to.

I've done a past paper for the course I find more difficult to score high marks in today. Yesterday when I saw my university mentor, we came up with a plan. I tend to run out of steam just as I need to engage brain for the more involved questions. So, I'm going to do just a few of the less involved shorter questions to settle down, then go into the more involved ones, then come back to end with the "easier" quicker ones again. Turns out though I can't do the long questions after 2 hours, I can do the shorter ones. Feeling much less stressed now. Plans are made to be stuck to. This plan works, I'll stick to it.

I've come off the medication for my joints. The extreme exhaustion is worse than the level of pain it numbed (certainly didn't relieve all the pain anyway). I'll reassess the situation post-exams, when blood tests should be back and I can be tired without huge impact on everything. Some plans are made to be stuck to, but then need changing.

I'm not going into shops unless I cannot avoid it. Some plans are seriously stupid, and need to be rubbished and plans to make it not happen need to be made and stuck to.

Plans are made (in the most part, see above for clarification) to be stuck to. Like committing to things - I was always told you can't let people down by not being committed. Like these plans. I'm committed to the plans. The plans will get me to the post-exam goal I've had for 9 months. 19 sleeps from now I'll be there (unless I have a nap or two, then it might a few more).

Plans are made to be stuck to. Plans are GOING to be stuck to. And post-exam plans to allow me to keep going and not crash are in place, concerts, lie-ins, short courses in subjects I haven't really studied before, musical days, unmusical days.

Plans are made to be stuck to. Plans are going to be stuck to. We'll stick to the plan. Yep. Plans work. I stick to plans. I'll stick to these plans.
Plans are made to be stuck to. *repeats ad nauseam for 19 days*

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